Audi e-tron Quattro Concept

Audi e-tron Quattro Concept

Audi Q6 e-tron scheduled for 2018 launch will be produced in Belgium, and according to Auto Express, the production version will not be much different than the concept.

The concept looks swell, so this is good news.

" It’ll look almost identical to the car previewed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and is likely to slot in between the all-new Q5 and recently-updated Q7."

Dr Rudiger Chmielewski, head of total vehicle development, told Auto Express that the long-range all-electric Audi is nearly ready in terms of shape.

"We have found the right height. You will find this in the exterior. You’ll also find the headlight pattern in all our electric cars."

“The flush door handles will feature, too. A lot of heart went into these. We hope we can use them with rear view cameras.”

“This is an electric car suitable for the long haul. It’ll have a 500km (310-mile) range, and is tangible proof of our commitment to electric mobility.”

On the other front, Audi is gearing up with a fast charging network to be able recharge to 80% in 30 minutes. If the range of 500 km (300 miles) is true, then we are talking about a new network of higher power chargers. We don't know when the network of 150 kW or so chargers will be launched.

Editor's Note on the 500 km estimate:  this is surely NEDC based, but the penalties bringing it down to a real-world range when you are talking extreme long ranges is not as sever as those found in PHEVs due to how the number is calculated.  500km/300 miles is likely equal to about 420 km/260 miles EPA.

“By the time we launch the e-tron, we will have a fast charge network in Germany. An 80 per cent charge will take 30 minutes. The success of a model like this will depend on the infrastructure.”

There is also interesting part about infrastructure in China, where the government intends to launch a project for highways (fast charger every 50 km / 30 miles) on 16,000-17,000 km / over 10,000 miles of highways.

Source: Auto Express

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