Time for unboxing new Nissan LEAF

Time for unboxing new Nissan LEAF

Nissan came up with the novel idea of presenting LEAF at the 2016 GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where we typically see new smartphones.

It's sign of times that shows like GSMA, or CES in Las Vegas, attract EV makers to present new technologies.

The main topic of the Nissan's mobile device is the new NissanConnect EV infotainment system.

"The ‘unboxing’ marks the first time Nissan has exhibited at the show, closing the gap between the automotive and technology worlds, and showcasing the manufacturers’ innovative approach to in-car technologies.

The enhanced NissanConnect EV telematics system is at the forefront of accessible in-vehicle technologies, allowing Nissan LEAF owners to control many of the vehicle’s features at the touch of a button. Providing a suite of digital alerts and remote access features, owners can remotely manage  and check the status of the battery, set timers for charging, remotely switch on climate control and find local charging stations.

In addition to this, the new operating system also allows users to analyse their driving patterns, including energy usage and CO2 saved per journey."

2016 GSMA Mobile World Congress

2016 GSMA Mobile World Congress

Gareth Dunsmore, Director of Electric Vehicles for Nissan Europe, said:

“What better place to showcase our latest technology than alongside other leading lights in innovation. Not only is Nissan the leader of the electric vehicle revolution, we are also committed to bringing cutting-edge technology, connectivity and e-mobility to the mass market”.

“In a fully connected, fully mobile world, in-vehicle connectivity is an absolute must for today’s drivers. That is why Nissan is proud to be at the forefront of developing efficient and reliable in-vehicle connected technologies that are available and accessible to all."

NissanConnect EV App Features

App Feature


My Car Finder

Access from the You+Nissan web portal or the NissanConnect EV app, request to display your vehicle position on a map

Eco Challenge

Track your C02 emissions and number of trees saved. Compete vs other Nissan EV owners worldwide

Mobile Information Services

Access to RSS feed from your vehicle

Community Contest Features

Ranking your Eco driving against other Nissan EV drivers in your region or worldwide

Charging Spot POI Information

Access EV charging POI information and keep charging POI information up to date

Remote Charging Start

When your vehicle is plugged in, start charging remotely through the You+Nissan web portal or the NissanConnect EV app

Remote HVAC On/Off and Notification

When your vehicle is plugged in, start charging remotely through the You+Nissan web portal or the NissanConnect EV app

Plug-In Reminder:

Store favourite charging POI locations and your vehicle will tell you when you are close to your stored POIs and remind you to plug-in

Battery Status Check

Through the You+Nissan web portal or the NissanConnect EV app, remote check battery level, vehicle autonomy, plug in status and charging status

Notification: Battery Heating Start/Stop

Notified when battery heater is activated stop (NEW for NNE and CEE only with cold pack – linked to battery heater)

Driving analysis

Access driving information on the You+Nissan web portal or the NissanConnect EV app

Reachable area map

Possible destinations with current battery charge

State of Charge Prediction at Arrival Destination

Assumption of level of battery remaining when you will arrive at your destination

Nissan LEAF Technical Specifications


Nissan LEAF Technical Specifications


Pearl Black, Blade Silver, Arctic White, Gun Metallic, Magnetic red, Storm White, Solid Red, Sonic Blue, Forged Bronze




4445 x 1,770 x 1,550 mm

Display Screen

7 inch







Mega Pixel Camera


360 Camera


Self-Cleaning Camera



30 kWh Rechargeable Lithium-Ion


Quick Charge Station, Home Charging Unit, Cable and Domestic Plug


NissanConnect EV

Built in Apps available

Tune-In App, Bluetooth Music Library, Navigation, Google On-Line Search, Trip Advisor. My Car Finder, Navigation Route Via Desktop Or Mobile Device, Eco Challenge, Mobile Information Services, Community Contest Features, Charging Spot information, Remote Charging Start, Remote HVAC On/Off, Plug-In Reminder, Battery Status Check, Battery Heating Start/Stop, Driving Analysis, Reachable Map Area, State of Charge Prediction


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