Frank Stephenson, a design director at McLaren Automotive, presented his new powerboat Riverbreeze, which turns out to be all-electric.

The wooden boat looks gorgeous and was built for recreation.

Specs fail to appeal to those who had hoped for sporty performance, but the Riverbreeze is a different kind of boat.

A 4.2 kW motor and 14.7 kWh of batteries (eight Varta 12-volt marine batteries, lead acid we believe) is enough for silent sailing, and to allow for the occupants to calm down and spend some time with friends.

"Stephenson and crew will spend a good 10 hours cruising the Thames, rising and falling on a series of locks, all the way to Lechlade at the edge of the Cotswolds—the river’s highest navigable point, near the bubbling source of the Thames. The electric boat depletes roughly half its battery en route, Stephenson says, but there are charge points all along the river. And, where his signature sports cars and bikes are fast, Riverbreeze is about slowing down.

“For a designer, it’s all about that balance. I’ll get up at 6 a.m. and beat myself up on a high-decibel Ducati all day. So when I get on the boat, all I want to hear is the birds and the water.

“And there’s no laws against drinking and driving on the river, so we’ll just smoke a pipe, drink some whiskey and chill.”

Source: The Drive

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