New passenger BEV registrations in Norway – October 2015

New passenger BEV registrations in Norway – October 2015

Renault-Nissan Alliance released a new video presenting Norway as a leading example of EV adoption.

We all see the high market share EVs have in Norway - an order of magnitude larger than other EV-friendly countries.

The video above is fairly informative, and shows what constitutes such a high adoption rate.

"Norway has one of the cleanest energy grids in the world, with 95% of its electricity coming from renewable sources. Today, at least 60,000 Norwegians drive an electric vehicle. Nearly one in four new cars sold in Norway is electric. That makes this Scandinavian country one of the top markets in the world for zero-emission driving.

How did Norway become one of the world’s leading examples of EV adoption? To find out, watch this video to find out the key measures taken by Norway to make EVs a success."

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