For most EV enthusiasts around the world, we know all about Renault's quirky Twizy, 2 seat quadricyle.  A fun little commuter/errand vehicle that can travel up to 60 miles (NEDC) in a couple trim levels - the Urban 45 and 80, that can travel at up to 45 km/h (28 mph) and 80 km/h (50mph) respectively.

It's Not The Renault Twizy, Or The Nissan New Mobility Concept ... It's The Scoot Quad

It's Not The Renault Twizy, Or The Nissan New Mobility Concept ... It's The Scoot Quad

And for those residing in the North America (outside of Quebec, Canada anyway), you also know you can't buy the all-electric Renault here.

But as this CNET video walks us through, if you are in San Francisco you can take it for a spin in a car sharing trial program that sees the Renault rebadged as a Nissan New Mobility Concept, and then launched again as the "Scoot Quad".

For the US, only a model akin to the Urban 45 model is available (as it is limited to 25mph) - which means you have to stick to "low speed" roads, and is also rated at a more conservative 40 miles of range for US drivers more familiar with the realistic range estimates of the EPA.

Editor's Note (Update):  As mentioned by JP in the comments we should note/make clear that the actual motor in the NMC/Scoot is the 13 kW variety found in the Twizy Urban 80, not the 4kW found in the base model - so top speed of the Urban 45/performance of the Urban 80

Details/Costs per Scoot:


• $1 of electricity  to fill ‘er up from a normal wall outlet • Gets the equivalent of 250 MPG (after doing the math to convert the electrical energy to dirty gas equivalent) • Produces 6% of the CO2 per mile of a car (including the emissions from the power plants that make the electricity)


• US drivers license and Scoot membership required • Carries two people — that’s what the backseat is for! • No freeways, bridges, or roads with speed limits over 35 MPH


• On the Pro Plan: rides are $8/half-hour, 24/7 • On the Go Plan: rides are $8/half-hour, except $16/half-hour during weekday rush hour (M-F, 7-10a & 4-7p) • On the No Plan: rides are $16/half-hour, 24/7

Day Rate: $80 flat (7am-7pm)

Night Rate: $40 flat (7pm-7am)

If interested, more info can be found at the Scoot homepage here, hat tip to offib!

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