Few places have laws against blocking an EV charging station with a non-electric vehicle. This is called “ICEing” by frustrated EV drivers. Thanks to a call from one of those frustrated drivers to his state representative, Illinois now has a law to fine and tow those ICE cars that block EV charging spots.

Enforceable at Public and Private Parking Areas

Effective January 1, 2016, any non-electric vehicle that is blocking a designated charging station can be towed and the owner fined $75. The penalty will apply on public and private parking areas open to the public.

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Signed by Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner

Illinois Looks To Keep EV Charging Spots Open For...EVs Only

Illinois Looks To Keep EV Charging Spots Open For...EVs Only

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed the “Anti-ICEing” legislation (HB-0198) on July 29, 2015 after it passed both houses of the legislature in May.

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Robyn Gabel who told Chicago Channel 7 News, “A constituent called our office and was very upset. He said he went to park his electric vehicle in Northbrook in a parking lot where they had a charging station and there were non-electric vehicles parked in the spot. We did some research and we found that, in reality, no, most places do not have a fine for parking non-electric vehicles in electric parking spots. So we developed some legislation and passed it."

Fines up to $100 by Local Municipalities

The new law will allow local municipalities to impose an even greater fine of up to $100 and says that the quality of the signage is not an excuse if a reasonable person would be made aware by the sign or markings that the space is for electric vehicles only.

"It shall not be a defense to a charge under this Section that the sign or notice posted at the electric vehicle charging station or the designated parking space does not comply with applicable rules, regulations, or local ordinances, if a reasonable person would be made aware by the sign or notice on or near the parking space that the space is reserved for electric vehicles."

One Person Made a Difference

It’s important to note that an individual EV driver started the ball rolling on this law with just one well-placed phone call. Few jurisdictions in the U.S. have laws to prohibit non-electric cars from parking at EV charging stations however, there are plenty of EV drivers who are frustrated and angry about getting ICEd. The response of Illinois Rep. Robyn Gabel may inspire more EV drivers to contact their elected representatives and ask for similar legislation.

Starting January 1, 2016 people who park non-electric vehicles in spots reserved for an electric vehicle charging station in Illinois will be subject to a minimum $75 fine and get their car towed.

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