Tesla Model X In White Trim From Front (click to enlarge)

Tesla Model X In White Trim From Front (click to enlarge)

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla scored a high 3rd, along with Toyota, in a new North American Suppliers' Choice Study by Deloitte and Automotive News, as suppliers appreciate Tesla's openness, ease of working and trust.

First place belongs to BMW (fourth time in a row), while second went to Mercedes-Benz, based on 170 suppliers that responded to the survey to rank 15 manufacturers.

"The survey measures automakers based on five factors: openness to new ideas, ease of working with the automaker, level of trust, willingness to provide financial incentives or rewards for supplier innovation, and ability to implement innovations. The factors are weighted according to their contribution to the overall index score. Openness to new ideas was the most important factor, accounting for 32 percent. Index scores are based on a 1,000-point scale."

Interesting are the changes that happened in the market over the years. Suppliers no longer manufacture parts only from carmakers' specifications, but often develop their own solutions and more than half would not sell most innovative products to carmakers careless about relationships:

"More than half the 170 suppliers that responded said they would withhold their most innovative products from automakers that do not participate in collaborative relationships."

This is where Tesla fared exceptionally well, in innovation by/with collaboration.

William Forsythe IV, a principal at Deloitte said:

"Suppliers are managing their relationships with OEMs differently than in the past. They're being selective about customers with whom they choose to do business."

Source: Automotive News

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