Charging points in Canada

Charging points in Canada

FleetCarma released this month a wonderful report on plug-in electric car sales in Canada.

Despite sales of the most popular model, the Chevrolet Volt, dwindling down as buyers await the 2016 model, the Canadian market is growing in 2015 by some 15%.

In the first six months, registrations reached 2,779 as Tesla Model S became the new most popular model.

On average, monthly sales stand at around 500.

As of end of June, the plug-in fleet in Canada exceeded 14,000 (14,297 to be exact). 52% of them are all-electric. Over 5,000 were Volts.

"In total, there are 22 different plug-in models on the road in Canada, made by 12 different manufacturers.  More than you thought? Fair enough, over 10,000 of the 14,000+ vehicles are from 3 models: Chevrolet Volt, Nissan LEAF, Tesla Model S."

Canadian EVs by Model (source: <a href=FleetCarma)" draggable="false">

Canadian EVs by Model (source: FleetCarma)

There are also interesting insights on which provinces are responsible for the most sales:

"Quebec continues to be the dominant province for plug-ins, with 45% of all plug-ins in Canada residing in La Belle Province.  19 out of every 20 plug-ins in Canada are in either Quebec, Ontario, or British Columbia.  Plug-ins have now been registered in every province or territory with the exception of Nunavut.  Nunavut has a few hybrids, so we expect some vehicle with a plug to land there shortly.

It is interesting to note the major difference between Quebec and BC in terms of BEVs vs. PHEVs.  Quebec is showing a strong preference for plug-in hybrids with nearly 60% of sales having a gas backup.  By contrast, BC has less than 30% of its plug-ins having a gas backup.  Visit Montreal and Vancouver in February and you will understand why."

Plug-In Electric Vehicles by Province (source: <a href=FleetCarma)" draggable="false">

Plug-In Electric Vehicles by Province (source: FleetCarma)


Source: FleetCarma

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