One of the Tesla Model S owners in the Netherlands, and a self-called idiot (or at least framed as that by the uploader of this video to YouTube), presented a video of a Model S driving on the highway under control of Tesla Autopilot, but without an occupant in the driver's seat.

Well, that would void all the rules of use of Tesla Autopilot, which isn't autonomous (just assists the driver and requires driver attention for safety reasons, to quickly take control if needed).

The problem with such tomfoolery is that you risk not only yourself, but the lives of others too. The author of the video knows that what he did is wrong.

Perhaps stunts like this should/will lead to more actual safety protocols being added in the future to enable the feature, (over just 'instructions on use'), such as sensors in the steering wheel to keep drivers where they are supposed to be while Autopilot is engaged.  You can't just tell ignorant people to smarten up, especially when other people's lives are potentially on the line.

Video description:

"Total idiot tries Tesla autopilot without driver on Dutch Highway 

Stupid Idiot is in the back seat while his car is driving in autopilot on the highway with 83 KM / Hour

Private property? NO Road closed to all other traffic? NO No bystanders in any potential path of the vehicle? NO Passenger ready to brake, steer, or otherwise control the vehicle as needed for safety? NO Speed as low as possible 18 MPH? NO Tested with driver multiple times prior? NO

Straight section of road that probably could have been done like this without autopilot in the first place? NO"

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