Tesla.com Gets A new Owner This Week - Tesla Motors

Tesla.com Gets A new Owner This Week - Tesla Motors

It has been a long time in the making, but if you head over to Tesla.com today, you will find that it is actually now owned by Tesla Motors...and (as it should) leads you directly to its www.teslamotors.com website to check out the latest in electric vehicles.

Despite Tesla having been around for 13 years, the name Tesla has been registered since 1992, and the website domain since at least 2002.

Even before Tesla was a "real thing", the naming/rights had been successfully defended in court by a California resident against a different "Tesla-branded" business.

However, new records updated at whois show that Tesla (the company everyone knows) has been in charge of the domain since at least Monday.

Previously, Tesla.com had been parked by its owner Stu Grossman, a computer network engineer in California who had reportedly just been using the domain for personal emailing.  No details on the amount paid by Tesla Motors to Mr. Grossman have been released (or likely will be), but you can bet it was probably 7 figures.



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