Evatran PLUGLESS Wireless Charging System

Evatran PLUGLESS Wireless Charging System

Evatran intends to expand its Plugless wireless charging systems to include the Tesla Model S (after Nissan LEAF, Chevrolet Volt and Cadillac ELR).

There is no announcement, but the company website shows now a 7.2 kW adapter for the Tesla Model S, which should be available in Spring 2016.

Evatran accepts reservation with a $244 refundable deposit. The price of the system hasn't been announced yet.

PluglessSteve (an employee of Plugless) posted this info on Tesla Motors Club forum yesterday (February 18th):

"...earlier this week we opened early reservations for Plugless 7.2kW hands-free charging to Tesla owners who had previously asked us about Plugless for Tesla. These Tesla owners had learned about our 1st generation 3.3kW system for the Leaf, Volt and ELR. We expect to begin shipping Tesla 7.2kW units in April for RWD models and then later in the year for D “AWD" models."

Pricing for 3.3 kW "complete wireless charging system" (if there is no need for special installation) stands at:

  • $1,260 - Chevrolet Volt
  • $1,540 - Nissan LEAF
  • $1,940 - Cadillac ELR
7.2 kW for Tesla suggests that the price will be higher than the 3.3 kW units, but with nearly 70,000 Model S in North America, even if a small share of consumers go wireless, that would translate to significant bump for Evatran's business.

7.2 kW is less than a single on-board charger in a Tesla Model S is capable, but still could be enough for daily overnight charging and the added wireless convenience is especially useful now that you can Summon a Model S.

Details on Plugless for Tesla Model S:

Proven technology helps you get more from your Model S

Plugless has provided 450,000+ charging hours to everyday EV owners across the USA and Canada. Make life with your Tesla even more convenient and reliable — and your charging system as smart as your EV.

NOTE: Plugless is not yet available for Tesla Roadster, Model X or Model 3. Our engineers are hard at work to bring Plugless to all Tesla models. Tell us which model should go Plugless next.

Commitment to Satisfaction

  • 3-year warranty on all Tesla Model S Plugless Systems
  • 45-Day Any Reason Return Period after installation, including shipping both ways. We know you’ll love Plugless, so we’re happy to take the risk

Park-and-Forget Charging

  • No plugging in, no forgetting
  • Efficient hands-free wireless charging every time you park
  • Enables fully autonomous charging for your Tesla
  • Fast 7.2kW wireless electric vehicle charging system
  • That’s 20 miles of range for every hour of charging

Intuitive to Use

  • Intuitive parking guidance display makes charging as easy as parking your car
  • Doesn’t change anything about your ability to plug in
  • Works without changing Tesla systems or software — you’ll forget it’s there

Easy to Install

  • Plugs into any dedicated 50Amp circuit near your parking space
  • Or you can choose to have your electrician hardwire into your home electrical (required for outdoor use)
  • Vehicle Adapter installed by our network of certified technicians — at no cost to you

Built to Last

  • Rugged all-weather materials 
  • Materials rated for 8+ year indoor or outdoor use
  • Performs well across wide temperature range: 0° to 122°F (–18° to 50°C)

Charging Times

  • For 20 miles of range: ~1 hr
  • From empty to full: ~8 hrs for Model S60 | ~10 hrs for Model S70 | ~12 hrs for Model S85
  • Same charging time as a 7.2kW Level 2 corded charger

via PluglessSteve on TeslaMotorsClub Forum

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