Congratulations to Raymond Wu from Hong Kong on receiving the top referral title in Asia for the referral program ended on October 31st. Although he was not the first to acquire 10 referrals but he incredibly managed to refer a total of 86 new buyers and hopefully that will reduces many tons of harmful emission on the road. Tesla or any EV manufacturer should consider recruiting him to increase their monthly sales volume.

Raymond received the delivery of his current Model S 85 this May and have been sharing his EV experience and helping non-EV owners to understand the latest technology with his website.

While doing so he picked up a few referrals along the way. He has a health food business and often times uses his Model S for deliveries. He is now being offered to swap out his 6 months old S85 for a P90D Ludicrous free of charge. His customers would definitely enjoy his ludicrous speed delivery but he may have to compromise on the reduce FRUNK space with the dual motor.

No word on when he will actually get his trophy car yet....

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