Nevs Factory China, Source: <a href=InAutoNews" draggable="false">

Nevs Factory China, Source: InAutoNews

NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden), through a new partnership with New Long Ma (NLM) of Fujian Motors Group, will add an electric minivan to its future product line. The framework agreement will give NEVS 50% of New Long's shares.

NLM Minibus, Source: <a href=China Car Forums" draggable="false">

NLM Minibus, Source: China Car Forums

NLM, located in the Fujian province, has a reported production capacity of 150,000 vehicles per year.

Included in NLM's vehicle line is an electric, commercial minivan. In 2015, the company sold 12,000 of those vans, making it the third most sold electric minivan in China. How's that for some obscure sales info?

Kai Johan Jiang, Chairman of Nevs said:

“This deal broadens our product portfolio with an additional vehicle type which contribute to our vision of sustainable transport solutions. The deal is of significant strategic importance to implement our business plan and this will speed up our time to market."

NEVS made a previous offer with Panda New Energy, agreeing to supply the company with 50,000 electric logistic vans and 50,000 electric mini buses. This new deal with NLM will help to satisfy the agreement.

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