Bjorn Nyland On Left Experiencing Insane Mode In Model S

Bjorn Nyland On Left Experiencing Insane Mode In Model S

Provided all ten of Bjorn Nyland's Tesla Model S referrals take delivery of their cars, Nyland will become Europe's only winner of a free Tesla Model X under Tesla's newly announced referral program.

The official wording from Tesla in regards to winning a free Model X is as follows:

Free Model X

The first person to refer ten friends in each sales region— North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific — will receive a free Model X. They will be invited to configure their Model X once all ten friends have taken delivery of their new Model S.

So, Bjorn's referrals have placed orders, but now are awaiting delivery.  Let's hope none of them back out.

Bjorn, with his spectacular Tesla videos, is seen by most as a Tesla ambassador of sorts and, as such, deserves the free Model X.

Below is Bjorn's video on the Tesla referral program. Bjorn notes the following: "(Please don't post referral links.) My referral link ( doesn't give any discounts anymore. If you want to buy a Model S with discount, please use the one who actually convinced you into buying."

Here's Bjorn's video posted shortly after receiving 10 referrals:

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