Went for a nice wing walk. What could possibly go wrong? Photo by my lovely wife @talulahrm

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Which major automotive CEO isn't afraid of heights?  Or death?

Apparently in his downtime, Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk has decided doing a little "wing walking" with wife Talulah Riley is a good way to pass the time - with the grainy results to his Instagram account, while some bonus footage was also put out in a quick news story by ABC News (hat tip top sven).

No B-roll was available of Tesla shareholders watching their equity position out for an afternoon of excitement.

Balls in your court Carlos Ghosn at Nissan.

Below: Some short video footage of Talulah also giving it a go!

Here I am, wing walking! #wingwalking A video posted by Talulah Riley (@talulahrm) on

Hat tip to Chris Paine, Josh B and sven!

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