Grant's Getaways: beauty Oregon

Grant's Getaways: beauty Oregon

Which type of drivetrain would be better than electric to enjoy nature?

The answer is that there's no drivetrain better than electric in this case, and Grant McOmie, author of Grant's Getaways, just switched to a Nissan LEAF.

One of the latest episodes of Grant's Getaways is entitled EV Pacific Coast Scenic Byway.

Part of the route was powered by DC fast chargers on the West Coast Electric Highway.

"I love the kind of travel that puts me in touch with the many faces of Oregon adventure, so when the summertime mood to move strikes, I like to migrate to the Oregon coast. There’s no finer way to explore it than the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway.

But on this trip my mode of travel has switched: I’ve traded in my gas-powered Jeep for an All-Electric Nissan Leaf."

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