Panasonic 18650 High Capacity Lithium Batteries

Panasonic 18650 High Capacity Lithium Batteries

Thanks to EV Sales Blog, we have an outlook of the top EV battery manufacturers based on MWh produced.

First place is (and has been) occupied by Panasonic for a long time due to large demand from Tesla, which is currently the only carmaker producing long-range BEVs in volume, meaning that its needs a lot of batteries (currently 70 to 90 kWh per car). The other major customers for Panasonic are Volkswagen and Toyota.

The Japanese company delivered slightly more batteries so far this year than in the whole of 2014 - about 2,875 MWh, according to EV Sales Blog.

AESC (Nissan/NEC JV) suffers from the Nissan LEAF sales drop in U.S. and Japan. Battery production of 1,023 MWh by the end of September is too far below 2014's 1,620 MWh to hope for a better result in 2015.

LG Chem already increased a few percent over the whole of 2014 to 916 MWh with still 3 months to go.

BYD is growing at a very fast pace - in the first nine months of 2015 it doubled its production for the whole of 2014, reaching 902 MWh.

Lithium Energy Japan (GS Yuasa / Mitsubishi JV) is at 404 MWh, so it should be able to increase over 450 MWh in 2014.

The last manufacturer at which we will stop is Samsung - also growing, to 359 MWh in nine months compared to 314 MWh in 12 months of 2014.

Source: EV Sales Blog

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