Ever wanted to have a laptop-sized, electric car in your bag for those times you just didn't want to walk somewhere?

No?  Neither did we, it never even occurred to us - but we do now.

/must have (look for review and possible skinned knees this Spring)

/must have (look for review and possible skinned knees this Spring)

The WalkCar is the creation of Japanese Cocoa Motors, and the personal transportation device can be bought this Fall (via Kickstarter) with the first units shipping in the Spring.

The pocket EV comes in both an indoor version (2kg/4.4lbs) and a more rugged outdoor version (3kg/6.6lbs) with a range of up to 12 km (7.4 miles) with a top speed of about 10 km/hr (6.2 mph).

As for cost, the unit retails for about 100,000 Yen ($804 USD).  Charging via standard outlet takes ~3 hours.

"WalkCar" is the world smallest electric vehicle, which can be brought in a bag. Just bend your body toward destination you like, you can operate WalkCar at will. As small as laptop PC, the device can be brought readily, and help you move anytime and anywhere. Now we can choose "Walk" or "WalkCar".

 Cocoa Motors, TheHoopsNews, Hat tip to David S!

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