Jason Wheeler Moves To Tesla (bio via <a href=LinkedIn)" draggable="false">

Jason Wheeler Moves To Tesla (bio via LinkedIn)

From Tesla's 3rd quarter earnings conference call (Q3 details here), CEO Elon Musk announced that Jason Wheeler will be taking over duties from retiring CFO Deepak Ahuja.

Mr. Wheeler had been Google's Vice President of finance for 13 years, so he knows his way around a spreadsheet.  Jason also has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in finance from Colorado State University.

The former Google exec will officially take over duties from Mr. Ahuja next month - November 30th to be exact, but the two will work together "for a few months" thereafter according to Musk, in order to make it a smooth transition.

"What the Tesla team has achieved in building compelling alternatives in transport and energy is simply incredible. I am so excited to join an amazing team dedicated to such a broad and inspiring mission. Looking forward to jumping into the fast lane," said Wheeler in a statement.

Called "basically the number two finance guy at Google" by the Tesla CEO, it was thought that Wheeler might take over the top financial spot at Google entering 2015 before Ruth Perot eventually got the job.

"I just thought he was a super smart guy, and really understood what we were doing, and was a great cultural fit for the company," said Mr. Musk, who also described Wheeler as "super smart guy” who also “really understood what we were doing,” on the conference call.

Tesla also found a replacement for outgoing VP of Global Sales & Service Jerome Guillen (who said this summer he was taking a leave of absence).  The new VP is Jon McNeil, who is the former CEO of Enservio and the co-founder of Sterling Collision Centers.

"Very few companies are literally changing the world for the better -- Tesla is. I'm thrilled to join this incredible team," said McNeill via a statement on being hired.



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