Hyundai Tucson ix35

Hyundai Tucson ix35

Arnt-Gøran Hartvig and Marius Bornstein set in Germany a new record for distance traveled in 24 hours in a hydrogen fuel cell car.

They drove a Hyundai Tucson ix35 for a 1,480.73 miles (2,383 km) achieving an average of 61.7 mph (nearly 100 km/h) on public roads.

The two were driving 186 miles back and forth (sounds like real-world application...not) between Vatenfall’s hydrogen station in HafenCity, Hamburg, and a Shell hydrogen station in Sachsendamm, Berlin.

In June, their Hyundai Tucson FCV also set a record of 435 miles on a single refuel.

Range and refueling time of FCVs are really good, but cost of cars, lack of hydrogen stations, etc. prevent commercialization beyond small pilot projects.

"We are at a transitional point of technology in the automotive industry. 2 Characters join forces to put to the test a Hydrogen fueled car and see how far they can go in 24hrs on public roads and in turn set a world first record."


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