Combo charger

Combo charger

Berlin to Munich A9 highway just received its eighth DC fast charger upgraded to a multi-unit (50kW DC CCS, 50kW DC CHAdeMO and 43kW AC), sponsored by the German government under the “Electromobility Connects” project - which was completed at the end of October.

BMW, E.ON and Siemens were all engaged in the installations, and chose 50 kW DC combo chargers with additional 22 kW AC (3-phase).

Chargers are stretched over 430 kilometers (267 miles), so every EV currently on sale today should be able to make it down this stretch of A9.

Chargers are available for those who are willing to pay through the SMS payment system.  Original pricing structure:

  • €3 ($3.3) per 10 minutes DC
  • €2 ($2.2) per 30 minutes AC
Update (via InsideEVs reader Adrian W):  Now complete, the program ownership has been transferred to a private investor from Netherlands, and pricing has changed (higher/more market aligned) somewhat depending on the unit/which RFID card / roaming partner you use.

Update 2 (via Cavaron): New pricing is reportedly ~50 cents/minute

Source: Green Car Congress, Hat tip to Adrian W and Cavaron!