When the all-new Nissan IDS Concept debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show we were pretty thrilled, as it was plainly obvious that the car was a thinly disguised preview of the next generation LEAF - you could almost feel Nissan winking at you.

Nissan said, and showed all the right things last week from Japan - including showing off a new tech, 60 kWh NMC battery inside the IDS that also fits into a nearly identical battery package to today's LEAF.

There was one potential hiccup for those in the US waiting on the 2016 LEAF however.

When Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn took the stage to talk about the IDS, he also took a moment to talk about Nissan's upgraded 2016 LEAF - which comes with a 30 kWh/107 mile battery option.

Specifically, he said this of the timing (from 7:55 mark of above video):

"In Japan, sales of the new LEAF will start in December, with orders beginning in November.  By January, enhanced range LEAF will be available in the world's major EV market:  Japan, the United States and Europe."

2016 Nissan LEAF at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show <em>(and no, you can't get this color in the US)</em>

2016 Nissan LEAF at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show (and no, you can't get this color in the US)

Given that expectations had the 2016 LEAF arriving for the US in mid-October, and none actually did (we ourselves expected a model to zip around in the first of the month), this quote was taken by many to infer that the EV had been delayed into the new year for the US.

Seemingly running contrary to Mr. Ghosn's quote,  InsideEVs has been tracking new LEAF production and happenings in Smyrna, TN throughout October and into this monthand it was clear to us that the 2016 would indeed arrive in November (more on that tomorrow when all EV sales for October are reported).  So we admit, it raised our eyebrows as well.

The only way to settle the conflict between the two dates 'for sure', was to get in touch with Nissan USA, and ask if perhaps its CEO was just excited to be talking about the 2016 LEAF's introduction to the company's home audience in Japan, and inadvertently lumped Europe and the US together.

Sure enough, that was the case, as a Nissan exec confirmed to us that the 2016 Nissan LEAF (both with and without the new 30 kWh battery) will still be arriving this Fall to certified dealers.

So once again, 2016 Nissan LEAF rollout should look like:

US - November, Japan - December, Europe (wide release) - January

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