DragTimes recently posted results from its Tesla Model S P90DL run at Palm Beach International Raceway back on January 31.

As you can see from the timeslips below, the Model S P90DL is consistent with its runs.  The best time posted in the quarter-miles was 11.244 seconds.

Previously, DragTimes pitted the Model S P90DL against the Model X P90DL. The results from that matchup are as follows:

“...Model X P90D Ludicrous running 11.61 @ 116 MPH in the 1/4 mile setting a new world record for the quickest production SUV/CUV...The Model S ran 11.3-11.5 @ 116 MPH.”

But it seems the Model S P90DL is a bit quicker than 11.3 to 11.5 when the track conditions and temperatures is just right.

Timeslip Scans <a href=Via DragTimes" draggable="false">

Timeslip Scans Via DragTimes

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