We are pleased to report that Delaware initiated its own "Clean Vehicle Rebate Program" in July that sees new plug-in purchases receive rebates of $2,200 and $500 to buy and install charging equipment.

Arriving <a href=This Fall, The Audi A3 Sportback e-tron Will Get An Extra $2,200 Off In Delaware" draggable="false">

Arriving This Fall, The Audi A3 Sportback e-tron Will Get An Extra $2,200 Off In Delaware

Unlike some programs which have certain kWh or emissions thresholds, Delaware's $2,200 rebate program is open to any vehicle that is "able to accept an electric charge from an outside source (i.e. an EV charging station) which powers an internal battery in the vehicle," so regardless if you are driving a Volt, a LEAF, or a Prius PHV, the full rebate is available.

The state even left some money on the table for conversions, as a rebate of $1,100 is available retrofitting cars that previously ran on petrol into a "dedicated electric vehicle".

$330,000 has been set aside for initial funding of the program.

"The bottom line is, more of these vehicles on our roadways will benefit Delawareans with cleaner air, decreased emissions from gasoline-powered vehicles and reduced long-term environmental and health impacts" - David Small, secretary of the Department of Natural Resources (via Delaware Online)

As for the $500 EVSE program, the guidelines are as follows:

New Level 1 (I) or Level 2 (II) charger: up to $500 towards the purchase of electric vehicle charging equipment at a commercial or residential location.

Rebates are limited to five chargers per fleet and limited to one charger rebate per person.

We do have to note that the EVSE program is open to any resident, business or government agency in the state, and only $50,000 has been initially set aside for funding.  Those looking to take advantage of this rebate should probably act quickly.

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