Car sharing club is on a charge thanks to all-electric ZOE

Car sharing club is on a charge thanks to all-electric ZOE

Co-wheels car sharing club went electric by expanding its fleet with the addition of 20 Renault ZOEs in the UK.

It could be another way to experience electric drive paying £3.75 ($5.80) an hour or £22.50 (nearly $35) for 24 hours. According to the company, ZOE is now the most affordable car in the fleet.

"A 20-strong fleet of 100 per cent electric Renault ZOEs has enabled the only independently owned national car sharing club to expand its social enterprise-focused operation to over 50 UK locations.

Co-wheels has introduced the innovative Renault ZOE to a number of new sites in Scotland this year, the most recent being in Aberdeen, Dumfries and Dundee. The club, which provides low emission, hybrid and electric cars on a pay-as-you-go basis for organisations and communities, has further locations for EVs in the pipeline with the ZOE confirmed as its electric car of choice.

The club chose the Renault ZOE against other electric cars due to the value it represents and also its driveability. Co-wheels are finding the five-door hatchback very easy to use and ideal for members who have never driven an electric car before. All of the club’s ZOEs have been bought outright or funded via Government grants.

Co-wheels customers can hire a Renault ZOE for only £3.75 an hour or £22.50 for 24 hours. As part of the club’s drive to encourage electric car use, Co-wheels does not make an additional charge for mileage – making the ZOE its most affordable car to hire."

Pierre Fox, Director, Co-wheels, said:

“Feedback to the Renault ZOE has been excellent, customers liking how simple it is to drive and finding the controls to be very straightforward. It’s the ideal size too, and is the perfect vehicle for our car sharing model with 90 per cent of customers’ journeys being local.

“Using the ZOE also fits with us operating as a social enterprise with a commitment to improving society and the environment. We aim to help our members save money, reduce car ownership and create a cleaner environment by making lower impact transport options available, and because we have received grants for some of the cars, we are able to pass this saving onto our customers.

“Everyone who has driven one of our ZOEs has been very positive about the experience, so much so that when it comes to adding more electric cars at new or existing locations, it will be our preferred choice of vehicle.”

Ben Fletcher, Renault UK’s Electric Vehicle Product Manager, said:

“Co-wheels’ decision to use the Renault ZOE as its number one electric car perfectly illustrates how more and more drivers are finding the versatile hatchback ideal for their requirements and how Renault is rapidly increasing its share of the growing EV sector. We’re very pleased that the ZOE is proving so popular with Co-wheels customers and is helping them to lower their motoring costs and also do their bit to help preserve their local environment.”

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