BMW i3 Battery Module Cost

BMW i3 Battery Module Cost

Klaus Fröhlich, head of development at BMW, was interviewed by Engineering News. This statement, made by Fröhlich, caught our attention:

“We have defined a certain cell standard millimetre height so that we can build new batteries in 50 years that have the same cell standard, even if the chemistry and energy density will be very different. This means that, when your car fails after 15 years and you go to a BMW shop to have a new battery fitted, you can do so.” 

Future proofing today's electric cars!

That newly fitted battery would certainly be more energy dense, which should provide more electric range. This upgrade path has not been formally announced by BMW, but it seems the plan is in place to do so.

Fröhlich made several others statements related to EVs, including:

“We have to clarify industry standards that, when the battery is flat, can get some form of compensation.” 

*See source link below for more of Fröhlich's comments from the interview

Lastly, Fröhlich says that in 10 years, 10% of the cars on the roads will be electric. He adds that in 50 years' time, the majority of cars will be plug-ins.

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Source: Engineering News

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