Robert Llewellyn recently tested the Tesla Model S P85D in the UK and compared it with his own S85.

And unlike most of the other reviews, finally someone says that Insane mode of acceleration is insane (not in a good way).

This is not a car for everybody, and we are not talking about price, but about the frightening and challenging (for some people) level of acceleration.

For most, when buying a Model S, the base version is more than quick enough.

We wonder whether Robert will survive a test drive of P90D Ludicrous Mode.

"When I flew in a Red Bull Aerobatic aeroplane I suffered from 'airborne Tourettes.'

In the Tesla Model S P85D 4 wheel drive twin engined brute going from zero to 60 mph in a fraction over 3 seconds I suffered from 'roadborne Tourettes' but it's been tactfully bleeped.

'Insane mode engaged, start cussing.' "

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