One of the Iceland's Tesla Model S 85D owners published a very interesting Autopilot test, just after he downloaded the update. But at the same time, Iceland downloaded some snow.

It's especially interesting because unlike many other videos when everything works fine, this time the Tesla had to deal with snow.

Autopilot can drive the car when there is no snow and to some degree even when part of the road is covered slightly, but when the conditions got worse, the Tesla isn't able to drive itself without losing the track and turning off the Autosteer.

The author of the video does not encourage the use of Autopilot when the road is covered by snow. Thankfully, Iceland's winter is just 11 month long... 6?

"We got the autopilot update last night. When we woke up this morning and wanted to do a test drive the fist snow of the winter had fallen."

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