Grant Thomas & Mk1 Nissan LEAF

Grant Thomas & Mk1 Nissan LEAF

Grant Thomas from the UK, after almost exactly three years with Nissan LEAF (Mk1 made in Japan) and 34,000 miles (with all capacity bars on), summarizes his use of the car.

Thomas is now switching to a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, which in UK is the top selling plug-in car.

Hopefully we will see video blogs from Thomas on the Outlander PHEV tooo.

Final hours with Nissan LEAF:

"After 3 years and 34,000 miles, my Mk1 Nissan LEAF goes back. Here's my final thoughts."

Three years ago:

"Why I chose a Nissan LEAF and the compelling case for Electric Cars over the polluting combustion engine."

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