KEBA wallbox

KEBA wallbox

Nearly one year ago, KEBA participated in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Earlier this year, the KEBA team continued demonstrations of performance and safety by preparing an unusual heat test.

The KeContact P20, 22 kW 3-phase wallbox was connected to charge smart ED next to 640°C (1,182 °F) hot steel slabs at the voestalpine steel plant.

Temperature on the surface of the station increased to 140°C (284°F) and KeContact P20 automatically suspended charging to automatically resume after it cooled down. That's what KEBA stations are capable of.

"It all started last summer when the charging station KeContact P20 underwent an endurance test and KEBA transformed the famous "Ice Bucket Challenge" into the Austrian "Ice Cube Challenge".

But does the wallbox withstand extreme heat and do the protective mechanisms of KeContact P20 work under the harsh conditions of a steel plant as well? To find that out, KEBA employees placed the wallbox next to 640°C hot steel slabs at the voestalpine steel plant.

The result: The surface temperature of the charging station took on 140°C and also the inside temperature increased accordingly. But for safety reasons, the wallbox stopped charging automatically. Only after the wallbox had cooled down and the cyclical recovery test was positive, charging started again automatically."

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