According to Fastned, no electric car has charged quicker from 0 to 90% than the 2016 Nissan LEAF with the 30 kWh battery pack.

It seems the added capacity and/or new chemistry allows the 30 kWh LEAF to stay in the fast charging sweet spot a bit longer and thus is actually charges from 0 to 90% more quickly than the 24 kWh LEAF.

We should make clear - Fastned is talking about total percentage of battery charged (90%), not total kWh received over 30 minutes.

Editor's note: at least that is the assumption (re:90% fill), as we aren't sure about the 21 kWh displayed as being a true 90% fill of a 2016 30 kWh LEAF without seeing the starting point of the charge - we suspect some usable capacity (2-3 kWh?) was still on board in reserve at initiation.

There's likely some software/hardware tweaking on the bigger battery LEAF that allows for this more rapid charging at the fringes of battery usage.

Nissan did say upon release of the 2016 edition's specs (full details) that charging between the 'very low' battery warning level to 80% charged comes up in about 30 minutes, netted 22% more miles of ranged gained over the same amount of time.

Regardless, Fastned says the 30 kWh LEAF is now the 0 to 90% record holder on its fast charging network.  Overall, this is not a significant increase in terms of kWh retained, but hopefully illustrates the improving capacity of newer batteries to accept a higher rate of charge throughout a full cycle.

Check out the Fastned images above for some additional charging details.

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