Spyker emerged from an 8-month-long restructuring after avoiding bankruptcy.

The small carmaker is now debt-free, but still needs cash injection to be able to get back in style.

What's important for us is that after years of building ICE sports car, now Spyker intends to join the EV revolution.

There are no details of what or when, but according to Autocar, Spyker is merging with Volta Volaré, an electric aircraft company based in Portland, Oregon.

Volta Volaré is working on a luxury, performance electric aircraft GT4, which you can see here.

Spyker chief executive officer Victor Muller said:

"We have gone through a very rough patch during the past year, going from moratorium in early December 2014 to being declared bankrupt on 18 December, subsequently filing an appeal of that decision, winning that appeal on 22 January 2015 and returning to moratorium as a consequence.”

“After winning a long legal battle with just one creditor, we have now finally succeeded in exiting moratorium and we are back in business as a healthy, debt-free enterprise. In the coming weeks we will finalise the agreements with investors which were held up for over two months by the protracted litigation.”

“We look forward to a bright future for the company I founded 15 years ago and which is now set to build sensationally elegant and classy electric motor cars and electric planes for decades to come.”

Well, we will wait and see what appear on both ends  - Spyker and Volta Volaré.

Source: Autocar

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