On Wednesday after the market closed, Tesla reported 4th quarter earnings (full details), and despite missing the street estimates by almost a buck (8 cent profit estimated vs 87 loss in reality), the stock immediately traded up as a result.

Could it have been Tesla CEO Elon Musk'd projection of profitability in 2016?  The guidance that the company will sell up to 90,000 Model S and Model X sedans in 2016?  Or perhaps the news that Tesla will be debuting its "cheaper", 200 mile Model 3 on March 31st...along with taking $1,000 deposits on the same day?

Let's listen to the analysts have a "kick at the can" explaining the bullish reaction, including CNBC's Jim Cramer:

"The one that is working the biggest (showing gains again another tough trading day) is Tesla, and I think it is hilarious because there are people telling me that they are losing a fortune per car, and there are people telling me they are going to have a great 2016. 

All I can say is there is 'something for everyone Tesla'...but it is up, and that could be because it has been down so much.  Or it could be because Elon Musk said this is our year, and he is so hated, and so loved, it is hard to get your arms around it."

Thanks Jim, pretty sure we are more confused now.


Phil LeBeau (via Squwk Box/CNBC) comes prepared with some actual data, and a direct quote from the Tesla CEO...which is always nice:

Constellation Research's Ray Wang:

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