Enevate, just few weeks after its $30 million infusion, announced that its lithium-ion batteries not only are able to store 300 Wh per kg, but also will charge in 15 minutes to 90% capacity (about 4C).

We still need to figure out where to sign up to buy the stuff, but in the press release everything seems to work just fine.

If only Enevate will be able to deliver the product at the right price, these could be excellent batteries for... everything? From smartphones to electric buses.

"Enevate Corporation, a technology leader in Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, announces ultrafast charging for their batteries with HD-Energy® Technology. Enevate’s ultrafast charging feature has been demonstrated to provide a 90% charge in 15 minutes (4C charge rate) while increasing energy, capacity and performance when compared to today’s conventional Li-ion batteries.

Headquartered in Irvine, California, Enevate has developed advanced Li-ion batteries based on new materials and cell designs with significantly higher volumetric and gravimetric energy density in thinner and lighter form factors, and with significantly higher charging rates than current conventional Li-ion batteries. Enevate’s novel HD-Energy Technology utilizes silicon-dominant composite anodes for rechargeable Li-ion polymer batteries which dramatically increases energy density by 25-50% over conventional graphite anode cells – giving over a decade of technology advancement as compared to the current rate of improvement of Li-ion technology. Enevate’s new batteries enable smartphones, tablets, ultra-thin notebook PCs, and drones with longer runtimes in less space and weight."

"For example, a 3000 mAh Enevate battery with HD-Energy Technology using a 12 Amp charge (4C rate) achieves 90% capacity in 15 minutes with no degradation in energy or capacity. Using a 6 Amp charge (2C rate), the same 3000mAh Enevate battery charges to 90% in 25 minutes."

Brian Wong, CEO of Enevate said:

“Enevate continues to add new performance tiers to our technology. Ultrafast charging is another Enevate breakthrough. Now you can charge your phone in the time it takes to get a cup of coffee – and also have more energy and capacity too.”

Dr. Benjamin Park, Founder and CTO of Enevate said:

“The charge rate of Enevate batteries can be 5-10 times faster than conventional batteries due to multiple reasons, including faster kinetics of silicon. Enevate’s unique silicon Li-ion batteries deliver both ultrafast charging and high energy density at the same time. The batteries are resistant to lithium plating during charging which allows for cycle life to be maintained even with high charge rates.”

Jarvis Tou, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Products at Enevate said:

“Our customers have found ultrafast charging at this speed to be highly valuable to differentiate their mobile devices and are excited to quickly implement this feature into their products. Enevate’s batteries and technology changes how people will use their mobile devices while enhancing their device capabilities.”

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