First 2016 Toyota Mirais Arrived In America This Month

First 2016 Toyota Mirais Arrived In America This Month

Toyota opened its sales portal for US customers to request to acquire a hydrogen Mirai last week; with the company ultimately hoping to sell/place upwards of 700 of them in America California this year.

So it was interesting to hear Craig Scott's, (national alternative fuel vehicle manager for Toyota), take on the existing refueling infrastructure in an interview with Forbes this week.

"There are 48 stations that are planned and funded by the state of California that are all in various stages of development. There are a handful of stations that already exist but we don’t consider those to be Mirai-friendly, if you will, they’re really not ready for prime time. Of the 48 that have been developed, two have been completed so far. Probably another eight or so that are in construction.

By the end of the year we’re anticipating somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 to 15 stations open and ready. That means that they’re retail ready for a Mirai customer. That will obviously grow over time and we (should have) 20 more for next year. There are funding cycles in California. It’s roughly $20 million a year."

The Toyota Mirai is priced at just over $57,500, but up to $13,000 in lease incentives/reductions are available  - making the proposition of driving a Mirai a much more enticing proposition.  Lease deals are already being promoted for $499/month with $3,649 down.

The Mirai (full specs) has an EPA-rated range of 312 miles and a MPGe rating of 67.

Check out the Forbes full interview with Mr. Scott hereHat tip to sven!

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