Brusa ICS

Brusa ICS

Qualcomm and BRUSA Elektronik entered into a Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) patent license agreement.

BRUSA intends to use Qualcomm's inventions in its wireless charging systems offered to carmakers.

The press release doesn't contain info on which manufacturers could add BRUSA systems to their cars (but there are several of them), or what power level will be offered (Qualcomm Halo works from 3.3 kW up to 22 kW).

"BRUSA, an automotive Tier 1 power electronics supplier, has licensed Qualcomm HaloTM patented inventions to commercialize WEVC systems for Plug-In Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (EVs). Under the terms of the agreement, Qualcomm granted to BRUSA a royalty-bearing patent license to develop, make and supply WEVC systems for certain automobile manufacturers."

Steve Pazol, vice-president & general manager wireless charging, Qualcomm Incorporated said:

"We are excited about our license agreement with BRUSA; it expands and diversifies the Qualcomm Halo™ supplier network, giving automobile manufacturers another trusted source of our advanced inventions. Qualcomm Halo™ licensees can bring to market highly efficient, fit-for-purpose, WEVC systems, which allow convenient charging and improve the EV driver's user experience. We believe access to Qualcomm Halo™ technology is important to building WEVC systems that meet the needs of automotive OEMs and their end-customers, including WEVC systems incorporating magnetics based on a circular coil structure."

Josef Brusa, CEO of BRUSA Elektronik AG is confident:

"Wireless charging will win, it will give e-mobility a big boost, it will set new, sustainable technology apart from old gasoline-based technology. We are determined to make wireless charging a reality. We already offer technically sound and commercially viable systems to the market and we are excited about the potential of wireless charging."

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