Venturi Formula E Team

Venturi Formula E Team

Venturi Formula E Team unveiled its own electric motor VM200, designed for the Formula E racer.

From season two on, each team will get the chance to develop its own drivetrain instead of using the basic setup from season one. And Venturi, besides having its own team, is also one of several constructors.

Ventur's VM200 is a 200 kW motor (power is limited by rules), which spins up to 20,000 rpm! Peak torque stands at 145 Nm.

The motor supplied by McLaren Applied Technologies for the first season to all teams had a lower top speed of 17,500 rpm and 140 Nm of torque.

There is also one more difference in the gearbox - 4 gears in Venturi, while McLaren had 5.


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