Try To Not Watch It More Than Once!

Try To Not Watch It More Than Once!

Thanks to some timely footage being taken this weekend on Instagram, and then of course uploaded to YouTube, we get to see a $847,000 plug-in car take a little damage.

Now normally, seeing a premium electric vehicle crashed isn't our cup-of-tea, but there is just too much poetic justice happening here to ignore and not come away satisfied.

It seems the driver and his girlfriend (?) decided that a little show-boating, and one-handed driving was in order for onlookers in the parking lot of the Epi Plage hotel in St Tropez.

After almost clipping some pedestrians, the duo quickly met a parked SUVed - which is sure to result in one of the largest bills for a parking lot fender-bender ever.

Naturally, the aftermath resulted in the driver taking on the 'I don't care' attitude while nursing his beverage.

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Instagram (Kristina_Lifetime - Russian) via CarScoops Hat tip to Sven!

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