Tesla Model X Coming To Australia In Q3 2016

Tesla Model X Coming To Australia In Q3 2016

Tesla Motors made it official heading in August...

Pre-orders are now not only being accepted for the Tesla Model X in Australia, butĀ first deliveries are set for Q3 2016.

According to CNET:

"The Australian rollout of the electric vehicle will follow a launch in the US and other left-hand-drive markets in the coming months, and follows production delays that Tesla put down to the increased testing needed for the Model X."

In Australia, those interested in reserving a Model X are required to put down a fully-refundable AU$6,000 deposit to secure their place in the waiting line.

Pricing for the Model X in Australia (as well as everywhere else in the world) is not yet known at this time.

CNET adds:

"While the company has not confirmed the price tag for Australian customers, Tesla Australia marketing and communications manager Heath Walker said the car would "have to compete" with other luxury SUVs such as the Mercedes M Class (which starts from AU$90,000) and the BMW X5 (from $93,000).

According to Walker, the success of these two models and other similar vehicles shows "there is demand in the market for something like the Model X."

Source: CNET

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