Tesla Model S Heads Out For Dog Rescue Duties

Tesla Model S Heads Out For Dog Rescue Duties

Because I'm a dog lover and this heart-warming story involves a Tesla Model S.

Ellen Rich of Palm Beach Gardens has four dogs of her own.

But Ellen and her husband love dogs so much that they've teamed with non-profit Xtreme Rescue to save the hard-to-place and extremely ill dogs who are often abandoned and left for dead.

Here's the "about us" posted on Xtreme Rescue's website:

Here at Xtreme Rescue Inc. saving dogs is our passion. We rescue the abandoned, neglected, emaciated, abused and forgotten dogs. We bring them into our home, nurse them, care for them, even snuggle with them until they are rehabilitated and ready for their new forever homes. Xtreme Rescue Inc. focuses on saving, treating and rehabilitating the dogs that otherwise would not have survived or been adopted at the shelter.

Check out Xtreme Rescue Inc.'s website by clicking here.  Donations are welcome.

Source: 25 WPBF News

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