1.5-Liter 2016 Volt Range Extender

1.5-Liter 2016 Volt Range Extender

There's been previous indications that perhaps another automaker could borrow General Motors' Voltec technology for use in cars from other brands, but now there seem to be more evidence suggesting this Voltec-sharing idea might become reality someday.

The question is, can GM cut costs by offering the Voltec to other companies in need?

Dan Nicholson, GM's global powertrain chief seems to believe so.

"We want to be the partner of choice in propulsion system development in this complex and turbulent era we are approaching." He added that, "We have a history of being a good partner."

Allowing automakers like Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Jaguar, and Fiat Chrysler access to GM's gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain could be the push these companies need to move forward in the plug-in market. In return, GM could profit significantly.

The 1.5-liter four-cylinder hybrid engine used in the redesigned 2016-17 Chevrolet Volt could fit under the hood of most any typical compact car. The adopting automaker would simply need to find space for batteries and deal with calibration.

For prospective companies, this opportunity could subtract years off of the time needed to develop and release plug-in vehicles. Billions could be saved in development, manufacturing and labor costs.

Will GM, with Nicholson's plan, help to push electric cars forward by providing a ready-made hybrid powertrain option for competitors?

Source: Automotive News

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