Tesla's stationary energy storage

Tesla's stationary energy storage

Utilities are doing a big favor for energy storage systems by increasing peak power rates.

For example, in San Diego County, three Escondido high schools (Escondido High School, Orange Glen High School and San Pasqual High School) will avoid higher peak rates by installing Tesla ESS (400 to 600 kW depending on needs).

According to the article, 42 local public school districts in San Diego County noted this past year a combined $30 million rise in electricity costs. There are more applications from utilities for future raises in rates in the California PUC.

The Escondido Union High School District expects up to $300,000 annually in electricity costs savings by installing the Tesla ESS.

"In Escondido, Tesla has proposed charging several large lithium ion batteries at night — when power costs fall to roughly 12 cents per kilowatt hour — and using the stored energy during the day, when rates can rise to 42 cents, according to Simonson.

Plans approved by the state’s Division of State Architect recently gave the school district the green light to begin building storage facilities for the batteries in the next few weeks. The concrete-block buildings will be the size of an average office with locked, double-wide steel doors."

Installations are supported by the Self-Generation Incentive Program.

Source: sandiegouniontribune.com

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