Remember Gogoro, that electric scooter that has modular interchangeable battery packs and links to your smart phone?  Of course you do - see our specs and info. Well, according to a story on Fortune, they're shipping.  Not just shipping one or two, but "400 pre-ordered scooters to customers in Taipei".  What about the battery kiosks?  65 of them installed at this point...


Gogoro "family"

The Fortune story is worth a read - especially for some observations about the parallels (and differences) between this battery-swapping scheme and the BetterPlace electric car caper that died an early death:

Because Gogoro is building an electric scooter swapping system, it has far lower costs than Better Place did. And scooter drivers remove their own batteries and replace them, which makes the system relatively easy and quick. In contrast, electric cars have to park above an automated battery swapping system and have their batteries removed from below.

Check out more on the Gogoro website, (...or maybe not.  It's Flash intensive, and your browser may block it, if it knows what's good for itself).  Interestingly, a lot of effort is put into telling how the performance of the bike is amazing - special racing tires, big leaning, quick off the line...  the "scooter who would be motorcycle", once again?

Aw, heck, let's watch the new video:

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