Recently a new "limited edition" Nissan LEAF was introduced in Europe for 2016 (also known as Acenta+), this model is slotted higher than the base model, but up to 800 Euros cheaper than the next level offering - while still offering many new premium options.

Digging Granny's New Stock 17s!

Digging Granny's New Stock 17s!

From the above promo video, we get out first new look at Grandma's fancy new wheel options (215/50R17 Autech alloy wheels with unique blue accents) which we like quite a lot over previous options.

Also as part of the package is better charging options, including 6.6 kW L2 and offering both the Mode 3 Type 2 (7 pin) and the EVSE (3 pin) cable as standard.

We also can't help but notice that Nissan's "The Rescue" promo certainly seems to be touting both a greater distance for the LEAF, while travelling through Death Valley, to refuel an ICE vehicle while has run out of gas.

Perhaps some re-engineering/re-purposing is in store for this spot, as the arrival of an expected longer range/30 kWh 2016 LEAF is expected in mid-September?

Hat tip to offib!

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