Just recently we heard that the next generation of Volkswagen e-Golf would be getting a big range upgrade - to 300 km/186 miles for 2018.  And not just fancy "NEDC"-rated miles (that translate into a lot less actual miles on the road), these would be "real world" miles.

Das Auto Slogan Is Out,

Das Auto Slogan Is Out, "Think New" Is In - As Well As A New e-Golf In 2018

Now Autocar says it has taken the wraps off of VW plans to create another, wholly different electric car.

We should note that another new electric vehicle,  and/or press release about an EV would be no significant thing for Volkswagen...as the company seems to almost monthly introduce us to a new electrified car, SUV or concept vehicle.

However this car is said to be something special, as VW boss Herbert Diess wants a unique electric car model that will be as iconic as the Golf itself.

This new project is said to be the flagship for VW's post-dieselgate existence, to show what the company can do when it really puts its mind to a EV, similar to the multi-billion dollar program at BMW that brought us the (very unique) i3.

Diess has instructed the lead engineers at the company to create “the Volkswagen for the digital age”, and to have the car ready to hit the market by 2019.

New MEB Architecture To Underpin 300+ Mile Mid-Size EV From VW For 2019

New MEB Architecture To Underpin 300+ Mile Mid-Size EV From VW For 2019

CES 2016 in Las Vegas – Volkswagen BUDD-e

CES 2016 in Las Vegas – Volkswagen BUDD-e

This new car would actually be sized up from the e-Golf, at some 4,400 mm in length (the e-Golf stands at 4255) on Volkswagen's new EV-specific, MEB architecture.  One might remember this platform debuting in the form of the BUDD-e concept from CES.

And as Mr. Diess seems to be fond of, he wants range.  A lot more range.  Not next generation e-Golf range either, the VW boss is targeting more than 500 km/311 miles.

This number might sound fairly aggressive, but remember the brick-shaped BUDD-e concept was outfitted with a massive 101 kWh battery.  Repackaged into a more svelte package, 300+ miles of real world range would certainly be achievable.

It appears that CEO Matthia Müller's words on the future direction of Volkswagen, might actually be a reality:

“We are using the current crisis to fundamentally realign the group. I feel we now have the chance to build a new and better Volkswagen.”


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