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Text Should Read "Oktober 2015," Not "Oktober 2014"

4 days ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that Autopilot was beginning its rollout in Europe. Now we have our first video of Autopilot in use on a Model S in Sweden.

Video description:

"Testdrive with the new EU version of autopilot software 7.0. A bit in country roads, larger two-lane roads, in town and on the highway."

Does Autopilot operate the same in the U.S. as it does in Europe? For an answer to that question we'll turn our attention to a Q&A posted on the video YouTube page (via YT Oedegaarde):

Question: ZarlockGE -

Nice demonstration, what I am not sure about, did the car force you in any way to keep your hands on the steering wheel?

As I understand it, the American version does not, is there a difference to your version?

Answer: Oedegaarde (video creator)

+ZarlockGE Thanks! Well, the car displays a warning to keep hands on the wheel every now and then - a lot less often on freeways. You just need to put a tiny bit of preassure on the wheel, then you can let go again. If you don't do it, the car will beep and eventually slow down to a complete stop. The same is true for the US version. The big difference in the EU version is, that whan you want to do a lanechange on the freeway, you have to touch the wheel first in EU (just for a split second), but you don't have to in the US.

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