Electric car conversion aficionados and long time readers of InsideEVs will certainly be aware of who EV West is - essentially they are one of the leading EV conversion shops in the United States.

But for those who don't know them, /DRIVE has put out a really nice piece on owner Michael Bream and his crew at the shop - along with some features on one of their current projects, an all-electric Ferrari 308 conversion.

"It is all about the cars, we are not pushing our agenda on anyone; it is not about 'this has to be electrified', it is all about the cars.  We grew up as car guys, and we absolutely love cars - and why not look at new avenues of improving things that you love.  We tell people all the time, it is not about electrifying the car - it is about making the car better" - owner Michael Bream on why EV West does what it does.

Hat tip to offib!

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