Toyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai

A Toyota Mirai is rare sight on the roads, and the reviews don't appear all too often. Here is a quick test drive review from Autocar in the UK where Mirai is "impossibly limited by supply." Apparently, just 12 were delivered through January.

Wheels are driven by an electric motor, so the first insight is that it's an easy to drive electric car, similar to the Nissan LEAF.

"The car is roomy and refined. Its ride is also notably soft and well damped, not least because its mass is better shared between front and rear suspensions than usual. The steering is top-quality electric power, and the car’s lowness means it corners with little roll. Road noise is low, possibly because, like a Prius, the tyres are modestly sized. There’s a general air of sophistication that shows how Toyota has spent more time on this car’s dynamics than it might have done in the past, to show that a fuel cell car can be as comfortable and capable as a conventional one."

According to Autocar, the range in the real-world stands for 250-280 miles (341 miles officially).

With some 12 deliveries in UK, Toyota Mirai doesn't conquer UK, but Autocar probably found another use for this car besides turning it into an emergency fast charger on wheels. Mirai could be a swell car in the Sahara desert too, providing 0.8 liters of water (please don't drink the tailpipe water, as it contains impurities from the surrounding environment) per 10 km (6 miles).

Source: Autocar

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