We see it a lot.  A article here stating EV's are evil, an odd quote there saying the are actually destroying the environemnt; but is anti-electric vehicle propaganda a real thing?  Is there actually a shadow industry out there manipulating the media to slow the adoption of plug-in vehicles?  Or is it mostly just some uneducated writers producing some juicy headlines?

The truth is, in following the EV-related news every day we see a lot of over-the-top articles we question, and a lot of quotes we know have been taken out of context.  And while we always feel obligated to dispel as many inaccuracies as possible, it seems like there are too many of them to tackle, and that sometimes it is just a mountain too high to climb.

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Definition of "to broder" (via Stouty @ Tesla Motors forums)

Recently, Jeff Cobb, who serves as editor at HybridCars.com, wrote a very intensive, thought provoking article on just that subject; and he kindly let us share a piece of his labor of love.

Audi Q7 e-tron And Friends

Audi Q7 e-tron And Friends

"Nobody has proven electric cars unequivocally less environmentally friendly overall than conventional cars but that does not stop people from throwing what they can on the wall to see what sticks.

It’s effectively propaganda, and you the general public are the target. Of course it does not declare itself as propaganda, but you may see it presented as new information about potentially negative environmental impacts of electric vehicles (EVs).

The underlying message: Think twice! Policymakers and environmentalists may be on the wrong road dragging others along with their hyped green religion.

Since mass-market EVs were introduced in late 2010, anti-EV arguments have varied from baseless to getting in a few good jabs. Sources have been opinion pieces to studies to – worst of all – re-reports of studies taking researchers out of context to justify eyeball-grabbing headlines.

Why this is happening also has opinions – such as “Big Oil” or other interests are back-door funding research or media to play the unsuspecting public which is otherwise a revenue source. Short of conspiracy theories, less sinister motives may be attributed to careless writers who merely want to jerk your attention to what they have to say."

Jeff then takes this opportunity to highlight some famous (and less famous) examples of anti-EV propaganda that has the air waves over the past couple years, while concluding:

"What ever the motives, stories that tear down EVs’ claim to fame have become a focus.

And, each time one of these stories comes out, counter stories from the much-less-influential pro-EV press may come out to combat major media repeating EVs-aren’t-green rhetoric.

So it goes, but if you are an information consumer, please remember, it is caveat emptor – buyer beware."

We encourage you to check out the entire piece at Hybrid Cars, it is a great (and satisfying) read.

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