Test Vehicle Used For Fire Extinguishing Training

Test Vehicle Used For Fire Extinguishing Training

Maybe firefighters will have more free time if self-extinguishing batteries will prevent fires in electric cars?

A team from the Advanced Batteries Research Center of the Korea Electronics Technology Institute is developing a concept of use of heat absorbing microcapsules within lithium-ion battery cells .

Thermal runaway and high temperatures are the main problems in lithium-ion battery fires.

"The microcapsules release the extinguisher agent upon increased internal temperature of a battery cell, resulting in rapid heat absorption through an in situ endothermic reaction and suppression of further temperature rise and undesirable thermal runaway. In a standard nail penetration test, the temperature rise was reduced by 74% without compromising electrochemical performances. Based on the results, the team suggested in a paper in the ACS journal Nano Letters that this scalable, simple and cost-effective strategy could be extensively applied to various high energy-density devices to ensure human safety."

If microcapsules will be able to significantly lower the risk of fires, without side effects (higher costs or lower energy denisty), battery manufacturers may be interested.

Source: Korea Electronics Technology Institute via Green Car Congress

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